monogram GALLIERA PM? what do you think?...NEED HELP ASAP!!!


Jan 4, 2009
hi heading to the LV store first thing in the morning so i need your guys help RIGHT AWAY! im planning to purchase the mono galliera pm. but before i do I want to know your thoughts on this bag. mostly, does it sag on the bottom eventually like the neverfull? will i eventually need to buy a base shaper? do you guys think this is a young trendy bag. Im 20 yrs so i want something thats appropirate for my age. my other opion was the tivoli gm. do u think this one is better?

im looking forward to hearing your responses. thank you soooo much everyone!!


May 20, 2008
I have both bags, my Galliera hasn't sagged at all, holds up really well, it's more comfortable to carry than the tivoli gm, the gm does lose shape, but can be put back into place, sits nicer when full.... holds waaay more than the Galliera too... I wouldn't part with either I love them both.
I'd probably go for the Galliera first :smile:
As for looking young I think they both work well for your age group. Have fun shopping!!
Jul 23, 2006
Get the Galliera. I think it works well for all age groups. I've had my PM since it was released and there is no problem with sagging. It's my favorite mono bag. You won't regret it. Post pics once you make your choice......... :biggrin:
Nov 18, 2006
Get the Galliera, it is the greatest bag ever, I wish I could have one in every print!! It's so comfortable and spacious, just perfect!

As far as looking good for your age, I am the same age as you and I think it's great for me lol!
I haven't had any problem with sagging with my Galliera and I stuff it that's for sure. The only issue I have with it is that the leather where the buckle is is starting to darken (I bought it in early October of this year.) You can't see it unless you actually move the buckle but it does bother me.