monogram french purse price decrease!?!?

  1. around 2 weeks ago, i purchased the monogram french purse for about $660 CDN from the LV boutique on bloor street. when i got home, i discovered that there were some scratches on the wallet so i took it back the next day. They didn't have any new ones in stock so they gave me a store credit.

    my SA called me a few days ago to tell me that they had the french purse in stock. I went to pick it up yesterday and to my surprise, the price of the french purse had decrease from 2 weeks ago:confused1: . The price before was $660, now it is $565!!!!! that's almost $100 CDN difference and it's a lot for a small thing like a wallet. Now, i still have around $100 store credit due to the price decrease

    not sure if anybody has mentionted it here...but i just thought i would share my experience...
    i'm not sure if the price of the damier french purse went down...hmmm..i wonder:shrugs:
  2. LOL! We do already know, but congrats on that, aren't you soooo happy that first one was damaged!?!? Now you can get a cles to go with it (plus a couple $$ but worth it).
  3. Nice score! Now go do more shopping at LV... :yes:
  4. That sounds right, because I am going to buy a new mono french purse soon. I don't know how much they have dropped here in the US but last I checked they were $525 USD. I swear they used to be $565 or higher. Anyone know the previous US price?

  5. Previous US retail was $615.
  6. 90 dollars. wow.
  7. Ohhh nice! I was wondering what the new price of the French Purse is!

    Wait--$660?? I thought the monogram French purse was $620!!
  8. thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks for the info. Is there decrease in price for the MC french purse?
  10. wooo! so many price decreases! better than a price increase! i've been wanting the french purse, too!