Monogram Florentine

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  1. My moms looking at getting a preloved Florentine. She wants something to hold her iPhone and key case ( she has the mono key cles .) She hates things that hang off of her shoulder bc she's so tiny ( shes 5'2 and a size 1) . So we figured the Florentine waist belt would be perfect. I'd love to hear fro. Anyone that has it about how it's worked for y'all !!
    TIA !!!
  2. Oh yes, I use mine when I just want to carry my phone, keys and small wallet card holder with dr. license and a few dollars. Works great- gives you a little Louis touch to outfit and leaves hands free. Sounds perfect for her needs!
  3. ^^I agree.
  4. Thanks for your feedback ! It does sound perfect ! I ordered her one from Yoogi's that way she can return it if she doesn't like it.
  5. sounds like a great choice for her -- let us know how she likes it!
  6. Thanks I will !
  7. Mom got her florentine Friday and she loves it ! Yalls input helped ! Thanks!
  8. You're welcome!
  9. so glad she loves it -- I know she'll enjoy it!