Monogram fading?

  1. I just bought my Speedy a little over a week ago and am in love with it. However, I noticed that the monograms on my new bag look a bit faded compared to my other LV items. All of my LVs were bought at the boutique. Has anybody else experienced this? Would this bother you or am I just being obsessive? :unsure:
  2. That happened to me on my wallet and i freaked.
  3. I've never heard of that happening before. It will bother me a bit if it did fade.
  4. Did you exchange it for a new wallet?
  5. yes i did i had my wallet for about a week. will you exchange your's?
  6. I'm seriously thinking about exchanging my Speedy for a different one. I usually hand pick my bags before walking out of the boutique, but I didn't do that this time. My SA said it was the only one in the store that was made in France so I just took it.
  7. well were do you like ?
  8. Because if there is morie then one shop in town go to anouther one.
  9. If I bought my Speedy at one boutique, can I exchange it in another?
  10. i think you might or go to the one botique exchange it if they have none made in france,go to anouther.
    send me a message tommorow and tell me how things went.
  11. My monogram wallet did fade and I called my SA and told him what had happened. He exchanged it for a new one.
  12. I've never heard of the mono fading. All my mono pieces haven't faded at all yet and I thought the actual logos/design was IN the canvas vs. the MC that's printed on there?
  13. omg...I have never heard of any other the mono fading just the other lines...If I were u I would go back to the boutique. I've had mine for like 6 years and they look nothing over a day old..hehhe
  14. you know what? I am comparing my brand new speedy 25 from elux with the speedy 30 my DH bought me from a consignment shop. the mono does look a little lighter on the 30 and it too was made in France. my 25 was made in USA. do you think that has anything to do with it?
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