Monogram Eva clutch - yes or no?

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  1. Hey :smile: I saw a couple of YouTube reviews on the Eva clutch and thought "what a handy little thing!" lol. I'm just unsure of whether it is worth getting? What do you use your Eva clutch for? (I have more formal sparkly clutches for weddings, etc). I do like it, but am not sure whether I should or why I should splurge on it :P any advice? Xx
  2. I like DE better. You don't have the vachetta to worry about.
  3. Great question! I would love to know as well. Can anyone post a pouchette next to the eva for size reference?
  4. I think the Eva is the most versatile bag LV makes. It has multiple personalities... one for every occasion.
  5. Yeah I personally prefer the ebene for LV bags too, but for the Eva I don't like the huge plate on the front, just doesn't appeal to me tbh. Thank you for your suggestion anyway :smile:
  6. Any idea how much it can fit inside/what kind of things would you usually put in it? I just need to try and find a reason to justify me purchasing such an expensive clutch lol.
  7. I say yes. I want the Eva in ebene and I plan to use it for date night, quick errands, and when I go out for drinks with my girlfriends. I considered the pouchette as well but I love the gold chain on the Eva and the option to wear it cross body.
  8. How much/what can you fit inside? :smile:
  9. It can fit a zcp (small wallet), phone, cles, small makeup items such as lip gloss, hand cream, mints... basically the essentials that you would need to go out to dinner, movie, shopping, sight-seeing, park, party, etc....
  10. definitely yes. the smartest purchase i made. i use it everywhere when i don't want or need to carry much and want my hands free. usually for nights, dinners out, or just walks and running errands. etc. i love it
  11. I don't have it yet but I plan to throw in a small wallet (zcp) cell phone, keys, and a lipgloss. I tried it on in the store and all of these things fit fine.
  12. I have it and love it. I like it because it has a little subtle plate (I do not like the big plates on DA or DE). I use it as an everday bag with a strap and also on dinners (without strap). It is very versatile and I recommend it
  13. +1 I'm not a fan of Eva in mono. I don't think it's a bag that ages well. I would go w the favorite if u want mono
  14. at first i was not a fan of the eva....thought it was too small!!! but..:graucho: now i have all three patterns!!! most used bags i have!! you can actually put a lot in them... i love the mono also...but DE is so care free....and you will get use to the plate after awhile it doesn't seem so big :biggrin:!!!!
  15. I love my Eva for a more casual look when i'm hanging out with my kids... I love to take it to Disney parks and anywhere else especially when i'm on vacation... So yeah, get it!! :biggrin: