Monogram Empriente Speedy 25 discontinued?

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  1. Hey guys! I've been out of the handbag buying game for a couple of years and I feel like I've missed so much. Has the speedy B 25 monogram empriente been discontinued? I always figured I would get a monogram speedy b in 30 and an empriente in 25...

    So here's the thing. My boyfriend is traveling through Paris in a couple of weeks and offered to pick up a handbag for me. The 25 size is still showing on LV's France website but not the US site - not sure what that means but I'm hoping someone here can help. I'm hoping that if anything, I'll have one last shot to grab one through him. TIA!
  2. Empreinte
  3. I was waiting. . .
  4. Lol, is that fabuleux's thing?
  5. :flowers: So the question is - has the speedy b monogram empriente 25 been discontinued in the US? If yes, I'll try to have the bf grab one in Paris. If no, I'll have him go for the monogram 30, since that is the one I want first.
  6. It is you gotta Love him though! Because he is right. . .

    Every time I see it I want to yell “No Wire Hangers”! Lol
  7. I am not aware of Empreinte Speedy B25 will be discontinued... all i know that online websites constantly sold out and need to ring up customer service to find out which store has it and when stock will coming more...

    @fabuleux please confirm if this is true?!?
  8. Yes. I have no life. :biggrin:
  9. I really don’t know, sorry folks!
  10. Maybe try calling CS - I know they don’t know much but sometimes you can get someone on the line who actually does.
  11. Ok found out. In the US yes only the 20 and 30 will be produced. Overseas though the 25 still being produced.
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  12. Oh NOOOOOOOO!!!

    Thank you for this. Now I have to decide which I want the bf to get. I really want the monogram 30 first but I'm torn because I don't want to completely miss out on the 25 empreinte. I may just take the chance and aim to pick that one up on the next trip. I just got an SC bag so I'm not clamoring for another leather top handle just yet.
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  13. If you haven’t followed the empriente in 25, just know the design has changed a bit. This model no longer has the 3 piece strap, but is now only a 2 piece which is quite long for many people. The canvas versions however still use the 3 piece strap. Just something to be aware of so you are not surprised.
  14. The bag is available on the UK website which means it’s available in Europe
  15. I just bought the speedy 25 b in the black empriente leather. In Spain yesterday. It is sooo nice and a perfect size for me , I wonder why it’s dc in America. Is that a bad thing that I bought a bag that isn’t available in the states ?