Monogram Empreinte Collection

  1. Bahh... DH ended up saying the artsy in orage is gorgeous so he got that... And he won't let me open it until tomorrow. So I won't get it until tomorrow!!!!!!!! Evil..... :rolleyes:
  2. oooh can't wait to see the orage.
  3. PurseDoggie - the tote looks amazing & seems practical however I could never see myself wearing it crossbody or even on my shoulder with the long strap & to be honest the bag just doesn't sit right cross body unless you have it filled right up (I never would). Which to me just made it a hand held bag! The straps would fit over my shoulders but the bag comes right up under your arm & it sticks out so far from front to back when worn like this. Hope this helps! But honestly I think it's a stunning bag but just not for me!
  4. Ahh I see!! He did send me a photo of the infini. I told him orage would look much nicer and I won't settle Lol. Thank you for telling me all that. It really makes a lot of sense. :smile:
  5. Just saw your DH got you the Artsy! I got the Artsy instead of the tote too. Congrats hope you like it!
  6. Here is the photo of Infini with neige inspiree in the background. I will do a reveal when I finally get to open it later. :smile:
  7. Thanks! :smile: I am sure I will. Saw the artsy in ombre almost a month ago. Can't believe how soft the handle was. :heart:
  8. thanks to chinchin_lim, dlynn, and itsonly4me for answering my question about color transfer on the cream Artsy -- I got it today -- what a beauty!!!

  9. Oh, sorry I have not seen the tote IRL yet. From the pics I have seen it just wasnt the shape/size I was hoping it would be. Maybe I am wrong and will change my mind when I see it.

    I am still craving something in red from this line so I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Yay!! :yahoo:Lets see some pics! :graucho:
  11. Tell me which white bag do you have that holds up the best?
  12. I love white bags too!! In your opinion, which white bag do you have holds up the best? What kind of leather does it have? I would LOVE to know! ;) thanks!
  13. I got the Orage Artsy! I am so happy! I could not get the color in person. So I took it in all different lighting to show how different the shades are. Woot! Enjoy the pictures.




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    IMG_82091.jpg IMG_82111.jpg IMG_81931.jpg IMG_81941.jpg
  14. Congrats in advance...the orage is gorgeous. I love that color but I think I have a tad too many blue stuff :p

  15. Kate...Love love your pics...Congrats again :p