Monogram Ellipse Question!

  1. Is this bag discontinued?? I saw a pic of one on here, someone modeling it and now i want one! I use to think they were really ugly...but I want one now...I cant find any on eluxury.
    Also what are the sizes PM & MM??

    Is there a GM or no??

  2. PM, MM, and GM... I think the larger 2 are now discontinued.
  3. AHHHHH! Wouldnt ya know it. Ladies you KNOW this ALWAYS happens to me! I dont find out about it till too late! (even though ive known about this bag for a while)

  4. The largest is known as the Shopper. That one is discontinued and I believe the Mini (the clutch size) is discontinued as well. I have the PM and the shopper..I'll post pics in a minute.
    I don't think the PM and MM are discontinued (both are still on the LV site).

    Here's the link where my pics are:
  5. hmm...ill check the Vuitton website in a sec.
  6. ohh. its still on (the MM) anyone know the retail on it??
  7. The conversion from the UK site works out to about $1060.
  8. Thanks LVbabydoll....always helpin me out with my toughest questions lol!
  9. Lol you're welcome! Glad I could help. :tup:
  10. They are lovely bags you should get one.
  11. The MM does seem like a good purse to get on eBay- for some reason, I've seen quite a few authentic ones go lately at a really good price (if you're OK with something that's not brand new).
  12. I asked how much it was when i was living in the US as was curious to see how it had gone up.

    If I remember correctly it was around $960 but of course theres the added sales tax to go on.

    It is a great bag IMHO, if I had to keep only 1 bag this would be it.

  13. ITA great bargains to be had on these.
  14. yeah im gonna be on the look out. this is a bag i def wouldnt pay retail on (i like it a lot and i want one....but not IN love with it..yet) that and the alma...i want one...idk why...but i think i can get a really good deal on one on eBay. Im pretty picky about patina...but i think ill be okay.
  15. Keep checking eBay...I'm sure one will pop up under retail.