Monogram dog collar and leash?

  1. I'm thinking of buying the dog collar and leash set in monogram for my baby boy chihuahua. My bf thinks it is a COMPLETE waste of money, but he makes me so happy, it would be so fun to get him the set for his christmas stocking :nuts: Anyone own this and is it worth it? Pics please?
  2. I just have the collar and my dog looks great wearing it! Worth every penny :yes: I didn't buy the matching leash though because we didn't need it (already had a Coach leash and various nylon leashes).
  3. Doggies deserve some LV lovins to.:heart: go for it!!
  4. Here is a pic:

  5. Here is Mollie with her collar. I love it & Mollie has received lots of compliments. lol. I plan on getting the leash when I get a chance to see the 2 different sizes in person. I ordered from eluxury. She has had the collar for a couple of months, & the tag has worn some. I can always get that replaced later. Get it for your baby.
    c4 (2).jpg c5 (2).jpg
  6. Aww those are too adorable! Two paws up :graucho:
  7. OMG So cute. I think I will be getting one. Are both of those the MM size?
  8. The one I bought is the Med. size. It's for a 15" neck. Hope that you get one.
  9. My dog has the small/PM. Mollie's looks like the MM.
  10. My little chi has a LV collar. I didn't get him the leash either because he has a nice Coach one, but he looks fabulous in his LV collar. Some people think I'm crazy for buying it for them but I don't care, he's my little baby and I think he deserves it. Here's a picture.
  11. OMG! jlinds, that is adorable. He is so worth it.
  12. Kathy and Jenny, how is the patina coming along on those collars? You can see in my picture the vachetta is significantly darker than the ones on your dogs!

    My dog must be pretty dirty because some of the vachetta is turning black- similar to those nasty bag handles you see on ebay :lol:
  13. One word...Suhali
  14. The patina on Louie's collar is getting darker. I didn't spray it with any protective spray or anything because I didn't want to harm him. He has really sensitive skin. He gets it dirty, but I use baby wipes (non-scented) to clean it. I don't think your baby's looks bad at all! Louie's looks like that now, the picture above was taken when it was brand new.
  15. Well I dont wanna put vachetta on my baby girl (in my avatar) so I will be buying her a suhali set for xmas.

    EDIT: Haha I JUST realized the throw ruie (my puppy, it means cotton in hindi) is sitting on is reminscent to that of azur!!!!!