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Kirsten Monogram Dentelle

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have the oportunity to get a monogram dentelle KIRSTEN , the problem is that I never saw in real the gold dentelle or the silver dentelle :sad: I searched the pf but couldn't find stock pictures of it and I don't want to use the pfer's pictures without consent.
  2. I think ELux has some. Also check out the Dentelle club thread. I love both! I have the Gold Fersen, but im dying for the silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I love the silver here's my pics

    The gold has silver silk screening then gold woven thread although it's pretty I feel it's a little busy and as the silver is two layers the same colour it blends better HOWEVER the silver detail stands out more from the background canvas so it really depends on if you would rather it complimented or contrasted

    Attached Files:

  4. I also have the silver Kirsten and I agree 100% with what Label Addict said above. How exciting that you have the chance to get this bag, it is truly amazing in person!
  5. Thank you for the pics Label Addict, I love the silver and you are right the silver detail stands out more from the background canvas. Is it really silver or close to white?
  6. here's some extra pics these have converted many a dentelle hater (and sold a few shawls LOL)

  7. silk screening is more white but the thread is silvery, it's really sparkly too in low light
  8. aww thank you for these pics in "motion", the bag look amazing on you :heart:
  9. ^You look fabulous, Label Addict!:woohoo:

    Get the silvr Kirsten!:heart:
  10. I can't wait to see it. Since it's sold out I really thought I will never get it. My best friend is in europe and she saw the bag in both colors in Barcelona, I'm now praying for her to accept to buy the bag for me ;)
  11. Get the silver, its looks soo great on everyone(namely label addict).
  12. Silver ! :nuts:
  13. I vote gold because it has both colors - gold and silver. I have the gold BH and a silver speedy. So lucky to get the Kirsten!!
  14. thank you everyone! I will go to the store tomorrow to check what they have left on the dentelle line to compare gold and silver :heart:
  15. I agree, silver is nice! I think the gold kind of interferes with the bag's lines.