Monogram Degrade Bandeau - anybody has it?

  1. I might buy one, does anybody have any modelling photos? I am so tempted to order one now! :angel:
  2. Mine is suppose to be overnight-ed to me. If you want it, you should try to get one soon. Until it is actually in my fingers are still crossed.

    I bought it to go with my Bordeaux Mirage. I saw a post somewhere from a fellow tpf'er who also has it. (thx Cyndee!)
  3. I actually called yesterday there's about 20 left in the US at the moment......
  4. ^^Great info thanks! That means I need to move quickly...
  5. I just wanted to share my news...just rec'd my bandeau...she's beautiful.

    I also purchased a new key ring that I can't seem to find on the sites. It is like the lock on the end of the speedy bags except it is colored. Mine is in the violet shade. It also came in the dark brown/black. It retails for $315.
    It matches so well with my Bordeaux Mirage.

    Also, what happened to the search engine? I am looking for Cyndee. The Cyndee who posted a picture of her Bordeaux Mirage with Degrade bandeau tied to it. If you read this...could you please re-post a picture for me? TIA!
  6. i love the degrade! i got it while i was in london and wore it every day! it goes with almost everything in my closet and fits in on all of my bags! i wear it in my hair, around my waist as a belt and tie it different ways on my bags. i use the mc white one as a casual scarf, just put it around my neck without wrapping it, just let it hang over each shoulder and it looks so elegant!
  7. O.K., one more time, just for old time's sake......
  8. Oooh, that's it Cyndee! Exactly how I remembered... you are the one who enabled Do you ever feel like there was too much accessories going on...distracting attention away from the bag...kwim?

    photoobsessive - Thank you for those extra ideas! Except for around my would never make it around...hehe

    tuna lala - Did you ever get the bandeau?
  9. Nope! :nogood: That's what makes it mine!
  10. :tup: I do like the extra punch the accessories give the bags. Ahh...I'm hooked. :p
  11. Am I nuts or did this bandeau also come in the Noir? If anyone sees it, Please let me know!
  12. Oh my. That's gorgeous! Okay buying one now! Actually I called yesterday they only had about a dozen left in the entire US.
  13. wow, that bag looks way better there than in person! it looks purply! its incredible, woman!