monogram & damier

  1. hi guys, what do you think of mixing mono and damier together.. like if your wallet is damier and wallet is mono..

    if any1 can post pics that would be great
    the reason im asking is that im getting a eugenie wallet and a damier speedy.

    any pics of those two together would be even better
  2. i bet the contrast of the two will be intriguing. enjoy your new goodies!
  3. thanx..

    pleaz guys, pics,... any1? :wlae:
  4. I do it all the time. Here's a picture with mono next to damier.

  5. I love it! I like Damier accessories for some reason, and I think they look great with mono bags.
  6. Absolutely!
  7. I love the combo. I carry my Damier speedy and use mono accessories with it everyday. I don't have the Eugene wallet but I've included some pics of my speedy and accessories. They're rubbish quality but they might be of some help
    DSC00735.JPG DSC00739.JPG DSC00761.JPG
  8. The Eugenie is a beautiful wallet...I almost got it to replace my zippy but nothing beats the zippy in convenience since you can totally zip it and keep all the receipts and stuff inside and not in I bought another zippy...same one...I use a mono zippy with everything...I don't like to change wallets...I have no time for that.
  9. I would use Mono pieces inside a Damier bag and vice versa. Not sure if I would put a cles of one on the outside of another, though. But, I can't see investing over $700 in a wallet just so it matches my bag perfectly, so I happily carry my Monogram Zippy wallet inside my Damier Speedy. That said, I did just reorganize my accessories so I wasn't carrying Black MC pieces inside a monogram bag. They will look great when I haul out my Lichen Denim Baggy in the Spring!
  10. My "man-poche" in mono & azur cles with strap:



  11. Phee - what is the little round case in the front with the butterfly? It's so cute!
  12. I love mixing everything, I have an MC wallet, Damier cosmetic pouch, Pefor cles, Mono credit card case, all inside an LV bag. I love each piece.
  13. I like mixing the two. I really like the Damier accesories.
  14. I just got my first Damier bag---the Berkeley. I use my Mono French purse and mono checkbook holder with it. IMO it looks great together.:yes:
  15. I like Mono bags with Damier accessories! The combo's cute.