Monogram + Damier

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  1. Hi!! So I picked up my Damier Speedy 25 on Friday and I must say, it's even more beautiful in person :biggrin:

    This is my first damier piece and won't be my last! :roflmfao: But is there anyone out there who is just as embarassed as me when they pull their monogram wallet out of their damier bag? Is this lame? Should I not be embarassed? LOL, I want a damier wallet.. but not for awhile since I just got the speedy..

    So what do you guys think? Damier purse + Monogram wallet.. tacky or not?
  2. I don't think it's tacky. I always mix and match my bags/acceessories.

    But to each his own! :biggrin:
  3. NOT!!! I really don't see the point of having multiple wallets! Up untill a few days ago I only had one (mono) but decided to get the french purse in epi (I heard that the color was being discontinued). So, I will carry the epi in spring/summer and the mono in the fall/winter with all my bags. I would go nuts if I had to transfer all the IDs, CCs, etc. from one wallet to another every time I change my bag (which is daily).
  4. not tacky!!
  5. no way! i think it looks funny when you always have things too matchy-matchy!
  6. No way does it look tacky to have different accessory pieces!
  7. I don't like to match my wallet with my bag. I don't see anything wrong with having a mono wallet and a damier bag. My mom has such combo right now.
  8. totally not tacky!!! my wallet is SO 'low' key i always use it with my LV bag or my balenicagas!
  9. No way! LV is LV, in my book! ;)
  10. I pair mono with mono (mono being mono, denim and mc) and epi with epi. I don't have a damier piece. But any other way's not tacky! It's just what I do ;)
  11. I don't think it's tacky at all. It seems like the obvious thing to do but sometimes matchy-matchy is too much for anything. And as LV addict said, imagine having to transfer your money, CCs and such from one wallet to another every time you change bags. I'd rather my bag go with my outfit that day more than my wallet with the bag ;)
  12. Not tacky.
  13. I pair prada wallets...Monogram wallets..etc.....whatever fits in it ..goes in!LOL!
  14. Right now I am using my lime green LovCat wallet (wiht cute little purses printed on it) in all of my bags. Doesn't bother me at all.
  15. Thanks for the opinions guys! I suppose my mono wallet will hold me over until I can get a damier one.

    P.S. I absolutely love how we support eachother here! LOL