Monogram Cuir Embosse

  1. OMG - has anyone seen the New Alizee from this collection? It's TDF! It's not on E-lux, does anyone know what it retails?
  2. They were in the 3 to 4 thousand range & there are a few floating around the stores. You can try 866-vuitton, they should be able to tell you what is available & the exact price. Beautiful bags, you have great taste!
  3. those bags are gorgeous, but the prices are wooooaaahhhhh!:wtf:
  4. i'm beginning to like the Polly, but the price is a little steep :girlsigh::cry:
  5. Me too, the Polly/Cathy? has grown on me, I love the greyish one.
  6. The Embossed Stephen bags looked better in the ads and the look book than they did in person. The ivory looks nothing like ivory more like a peach and along with the gris has this sort of spotted effect on it, kind of like tie dye where some parts are lighter than others.
  7. :yes: The colors look nothing like the pics posted here or on the LV website, I was very disappointed. The LV-inyl is much nicer in person & looks nothing like a hefty bag. The embroidered emblems look very nice & bring it out of trash bag status.

  8. ^^I really have to disagree.

    I love the look of the embossed collection. It a nice break away from the mono canvas. The prices are steep but they are nice bags. I've seen the gris stephen, the taupe polly, and the fauve polly. All beautiful.

    I was much more suprised by how beautiful the fauve color was in person. I love it. Can't decide if I like the gris or the fauve better. Its a deep deep carmel color. Not orange like i thought.
  9. All of those bags are incredible to me IRL. MMMMMMM.. I want one but would rather get two or three bags for the price of one!?!
  10. ^You and me both! :lol:

  11. Thanks for the compliment! But you were right about the price. I was told I could get it, but I would have to wait til '08 to get another!.....I THINK NOT!!! I too, would rather get a couple of bags for that price....:s
  12. ITA, and I was bummed, the ivory was the one I liked
  13. Hefty bag :roflmfao:
  14. Love the polly.
  15. Too pricey for me but very nice bags!