Monogram crotchet ..

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  1. does anybody have ANYTHING from this line?? it is soo cute and when i saw it for the first time, i searched everywhere for it, but i couldnt even find one thing!!
    pics would be greatly appreciated.
    im not sure, but im guessing they are very expensive
  2. its ok. i bet none of you have even heard of it anyways. i just recently found out the name of the coveted line.
  3. im trying to keep this threadhigh up so people can help me.
  4. I was under the impression that this range never made it into production due to quality issues???
  5. really? what a shame. no wonder ive only seen one picture in my entire life. it would have been such a hit with me. but i can see why they wouldnt produce it. one could so easily pull a thread
  6. i bet one of these is worth more than a super limited bag considering there were only prototypes. unless they were all burned.

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  7. I think I know the one you mean...remember seeing it in the look book, but never in the store....wasn't a big fan...reminded me of the bedspreads at grandma's house.
  8. haha. i see what you mean. but some colors are better than others. i like the red. but the only pic i can find is the white
  9. I can see me ruining that bag in no time!
  10. Not all runway bags make it into production...imagine trying to keep it clean:nuts:
  11. you could probably wear it once.
  12. Wow its really cute.. but I'd be quick to ruin it too. LOL
  13. there was a pink one in a harper's bazaar magazine...february 2005.
  14. I remember that line. I've seen photos of actress Selma Blair with one. And I think I've seen one on ebay was a long time ago, so I could be mistaken.
  15. Yeah I think I saw the ebay one once. I dunno, just never did anything for me.