Monogram Cross Body

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  1. I’m still on the hunt for a small monogram cross body.
    So difficult to find these pieces in Australia right now!

    What are your thoughts on:
    Pochette Accessoires
    Pallas Clutch
    Favorite PM?
    Thank you!
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  2. I know I am in the Hiroyuki but I would stay away from the Accessoires. I got lucky Bc my SA randomly got one and sent it to me, but I took it out of the box and knew it wasn’t for me. It’s just not nice looking at all even as it’s meant to be worn (with the strap it comes with). I have seen pics people post wearing it crossbody and I think it’s looks horrible IrB it’s zipper tail sticking up. You other two options are both cute, I prefer the Pallas Bc of the zip closure and little front pocket. The downside to it is that the chain is not removable. I’ve never seen a Favorite but they look nice enough.
    Also consider the Metis and the Felicie. The metis is bigger but nicely organized. The felicies is just everything! (Only possible downside is no zip, but I don’t care I love them so much).
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  3. I really like the pochette metis monogram for crossbody.
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  4. I’d actually go for favorite mm. Slightly larger but still small
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  5. I love and wear a lot the HL. Small on the outside, big on the inside. :smile:
    It is discontinued though, you would have to go preloved.
  6. That is just as impossible to find right now in Australia!
  7. Sorry, what is the HL please?
  8. It’s a very small classic speedy that came with a crossbody strap.
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  9. Thanks!
  10. I have a list of 3 bags I am considering and the Saintogne is one of them. Have you considered that one?
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  11. I have the PA and Favorite MM.
    I would have to say the Favorite MM. you can use it as a hand held bag or crossbody and it’s larger than the Pallas clutch

    There’s a comparison of the Pallas clutch and favorite MM on YouTube if interested.
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  12. I like the Saintonge except for the not adjustable nor removable strap. I would want to cut it off but don’t think I’m brave enough!
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  13. Try the Saintonge at the store see if the strap length works for you. It's one of my fav new LV designs. :heart::heart::heart:
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  14. I have both the pallas clutch and pochette accesoires NM and i love them both for different occasions. Both has pros and cons. At first I wanted the Favorite but i dont like the flap opening. I tried to use my sisters favorite PM in DE, I love the look of it but the flap bothers me as im constantly on my phone. Thats why i love the pallas clutch and Clapton pm as it has an exterior pocket with no zipper. Good luck deciding
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  15. Out of your choices I would go with the PA. Personally, I don’t like the Favourite because the magnet isn’t that strong. Also mine felt really small when I had one. I actually returned mine so maybe I’m not the best to offer my 2 cents.

    The PA is actually one of my most used bags and I have it in all 3 prints. I find it the perfect size for all my needs and it’s very versatile. It packs quite a bit but is still super compact. I use my Eva strap to use it as a cross body.

    I have no opinion on the Pallas so I can’t help you there sorry.
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