Monogram Credit card holder owner plz come in!!

  1. hi, i'd like to get a mono credit card holder, but am not sure if it's good or not.
    those who already own it, could u plz tell me ur opinion bout this item?
    do you find it useful or ???
    the one with 7 transparent card holders inside. ($135)
  2. I hated mine! Too much trouble. Cards started falling out of the clear sleeves after a while. I finally gave it away. Much easier and secure to use one of my Zippy wallets.
  3. i love mine to pieces!
    i use each plastic piece for one credit card or drivers lic or whatever, except for the last one, which i throw a 50 or 2 20's in jsut so i have cash if i need it. its slim, cute and inexpensive! i love it to death and all the time when i pull it out, peopple love it!
  4. I have one and although I don't use it very often any more, I found it very useful. I had no problems with the cards falling out (just don't stretch them by putting too many cards in each sleeve) and a full card holder was still very, very slim. I use it whenever I'm taking out small bags like my pochettes (and I plan on using it in my damier sophie next time). For $135 I think it's worth it!
  5. I have been thinking about getting it to use for pictures. It will hold more than the photo holder. The comments are helpful.
  6. I used mine for a very short time, I was afraid the cards would slip out and I'd lose them. So it's just sitting in my accesories drawer. I guess I'll eventually use it for pictures. I just use a cles now for my other cards.
  7. I have one and I love it. I don't always carry it with me but it's a great way to keep all your credit cards/store cards/rewards cards in one place.
  8. My DH has one and really loves it. He uses it as a wallet. The good thing is if and when the plastic stretches out they are only $5 for a pack to replace.
  9. I have one and it's cute. My cards don't fall out, in fact I have a hard time pulling them outta the sleeves. The thing that is bothersome is that the clasp comes undone a lot and you have to line them up and snap them back into place.
  10. is it easy to take out the cards? where's the opening of the transparent holder? on the side or on the top? thx
  11. I have one and I absolutely adore it! I use it to hold all my "membership" cards...Sams Club, Best Buy Reward Zone, Kroger Plus, TGI Friday's Gold Points, etc. I don't have any trouble accessing my cards or getting them in and out. And for ones that you'd just need to scan the bar code I don't even have to take them out. Get one!
  12. Yes it's on the top.

  13. Same here! Great little LV invention!
  14. Where do you buy the replacements if they do stretch out?

  15. You get them at LV.

    When I bought my DH's credit card holder I bought an extra pack. They are only $5.00.

    So far he has not needed to use any of them. And it has been almost 8 months since he started using it. And he uses it everyday as his wallet.