Monogram Coussin

  1. We've all seen the GM version. Is there a PM?
  2. Yes there is, but IMO it's so weird looking...the Coussin GM is already odd looking (I have one and I love it :lol:) but the PM is even weirder.

    I believe it was only available in Japan, though. I know it exists for sure, since there's a pic of it in one of the Japanese magazines that I have, but I've never seen it on eBay or eLux or anywhere else.


    Found it on a Chinese site selling (fake) LVs...but that is a stock picture so that is exactly what it looks like.
  3. Ooo any way I can get it? haha. I like the reg coussin a lot but I'm not sure if it's too long or not.
  4. I guess you could...go to Japan? LOL
    I really don't think it's sold anywhere else.
    The GM is definitely not too long. When I wear mine it doesn't even pass my can check Visual Aids thread pics of me wearing my Coussin :yes:
  5. the PM is SO cute!
  6. Think there's any way to get it from the LV store?
  7. Oooh...I like it!
  8. As I said, I'm pretty sure it was only available for the Japanese market, but you can try calling 1886VUITTON.
  9. Hey all, new here and this is my first post. So that PM is sooo cute. I have the regular one and might I say it's my only LV purse I have as of yet. Hubby told me he'd divorce me if I ever got one period. Then for my 33rd birthday we were shopping at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, he suprised me with it and a matching wallet too. Gotta love going to Vegas, makes you do crazy things!
  10. that would be so cute with short handles!!!!
  11. Aww the PM is sooo cute!
  12. You could probably find it easily on, but you do have to get over the Japanese text if you can. A lot of sellers do ship overseas though. I'm gonna do a search right now! The bag looks cute.
  13. I love that bag. My friend has the GM. I don't think it's too big. Its the perfect size and I don't like big bags.

    Keep us posted...
  14. at first I thought it was too big too but I love the shape of it and it actually fits perfect with my wallet and my camera in it.