Monogram Corner Wear

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  1. Im so upset! I’m seriously fed up with LV quality issues. It’s making it so hard to love the brand anymore. I swear I’m not a super picky person, or constant complainer but I feel like I’ve just had the worst luck! I just bought this beautiful new Saint Placide last week (an exchange for my defective Pochette Metis). I shared my reveal with everyone and gushed about how beautiful and pretty it was...until....I looked closely at the corners today. (See pic). They appear to be peeling with the mono flowers chipping. I have only used the bag ONE time. I have read about sharp corners on the Melie, Graceful, and PS Backpacks doing this. Am I supposed to just overlook this design flaw and live with it? This is a $2100 dollar bag. I understand this is bound to happen with sharp corners but part of me thinks this is going to get worse l, possibly crack, or look just bad over time. I feel like this is unacceptable for a brand new bag. I’ve emailed the pictures to my SA to see what she says. In the meantime, anyone want to chime in their thoughts? 38A2ED49-446A-42B7-B068-7C17D98D03BC.jpg
  2. I’m really sorry this happened! I have read in this forum that bags with folded canvas corners should be avoided, for this exact reason. That narrows the potential bags I’d consider by a lot, actually.

    The Saint Placide is a beautiful bag. I hope you get a positive resolution from your SA.
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  3. That's what happens when you have a bag with folded corners. A bag of mine had a bunch of folded corners and one of them ended up cracking in under a year. LV took it back and exchanged it for a different bag. It was really unfortunate, too, because the bag was a collaborative piece that I got as a souvenir in Paris, and there weren't any available anywhere anymore, so I had to get a different bag.
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  4. Exactly the same thing happen to my pallas clutch. after 1 time use. i went out and took it with me then decided to inspect the bag as it look so pretty then Bam! i see this in peeling in 2 corners of the bag. i told my SA and wen back in to have it check. he said its normal for this kind of bag, with folded corners so decided to just take it home with me. But i just couldnt sleep on it. i mean just 1 day and its not really a cheap bag. so ask my SA again and he told me let the repair guy check. The repair guy told me the same but offer me exchange or replace but since im on holiday that time and no time to wait for a replacement i just went home with it. I ask if it will get worse in time but he said no. and the canvas is fine so it will not crack or anything, but if your meticulous enough they will be happy to exchange or replace the bag. it was love at first sight so i couldnt let go of it as it was a hard to get piece. so far its fine. not getting worse no cracking of canvas. The repair guy suggest me to use it for a 6mons up to 1yr and check wether i like to keep it or exchange. So if you love the bag and can get away with it keep it but if its bothering you to think that this is more than 2k bag better get an exchange if you have another bag that you like. Goodluck!
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  5. This is exactly the same thing happened to my Melie mono. I bring back to LV and they give me new bag. I think this is a known issues on canvas these days..
    I know it’s tiring to bring back the bag to LV but don’t worry.. LV will help you.
    Good luck dear.. ;)
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  6. I will never buy bags with those folded corners, there will be problems sooner or later. I regret the Delightful SO much.
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  7. Thanks everyone. Ya I’m thinking it’s definitely a design flaw and will happen with any bag with sharp corners. I drove 2 hours to get this. I guess I can either live with the corner wear or return. Such a bummer for a new bag! There isn’t anything else in the store I want right now. I don’t know what to do. Just sucks.
  8. Do you really mean the Delightful? It doesn't have folded corners, it has protective vachetta piping at soft, not folded, corners.

    OP, if you've recently returned the PM four times and you return this as well, just be aware that LV may make the decision for you about your ability to buy and return. If I were you, I'd exit the brand. (Myself, no bad luck streak of this sort at all, after many years as an LV shopper.)
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  9. I feel you with this. i really had sleepless nights because of this same issue. Worse for me coz i was in vacation and didnt have much time left. Now im back home and im just enjoying the bag. After reading your concern suddenly i thought about this issue again but problem is the price difference from where i bought it with the tax refund. So i guess i just have to enjoy the bag for now. as i dont have anything i like from the store as well. and coz of limited stocks for the classic items i cant just exchange it for another bag. Bummer! Goodluck deciding! i hope you can figure out soon before the 30days
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  10. Yes, I regret not buying the Delightful MM which didn't have folded corners like the Graceful. I will never buy this one.
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  11. Oh! That's quite different; you said you "regret the Delightful." Thanks for explaining! :smile:
  12. My heart sunk when I first read her post b/c I LOVE my Delightufl and I had a momentary freak out about the corners. Just went a looked at it and sighed in relief. LOL!

    I had the Meilie and it did have the corner wear problem. Mine might have even had the pitting. I liked the bag and wore it for about a year. I ended us selling it to Fashionphile and got a good price for it. So, if you love the bag and want to keep it, go ahead b/c you can always sell it and get pretty good money back for it. I don't believe my wear got worse in a year.

    Off topic, but i'm realizing that many of my posts have "I had that bag and sold it" in it! Thankfully, I'm finally happy with my bags and the buying and selling has slowed WAY down.
  13. Yes! It’s the sleepless nights issue haha. I know these are just bags but I do worry about these things a lot! I don’t mind if my bags get wear after usage for awhile but having only worn it once, it just scares me. I guess I can live with it’s and return it later if it gets worse, I’m just thinking I will always be babying it now and that’s exactly what I don’t want to do. I have two toddlers and the last thing I want to do is be worrying about my bag. In your case, I think you made th right decision to keep it and monitor it because of the great price you got with refund. I hope yours stays good hun and thanks so much for your thoughts!!
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  14. I would exchange the bag now.
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  15. Ok so I’m headed into my local store to see what they say. I’m scared to go in there because I’ve had to do a couple returns recently and I feel like when they see me coming they will be like, uh oh, what now Lol. Wish me luck. Honestly at this point, I’ll just take store credit and wait for something that I truly love without any defects fingers crossed
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