Monogram Congo ...

  1. Hello !
    Can you send us pics of the 3 sizes of the monogram congo bag? I don't see any picture on LV website. Are they available in every LV stores ? When will they be released ? What about their prices ? ...
    Thanks a lot for all your answers I think I will become mad about the GM size as a travel bag ... LOL!!!
  2. A fellow PF'er, Jill, just bought this bag this week.
  3. The bag hasn't been released in the US yet, but has been released in a few stores, such as the Aruba boutique.

    Monogram Congo prices are as follows:
    PM- $825 USD
    MM- $1,270 USD
    GM- $1,800 USD
  4. I can't wait to see these IRL!
  5. it looks cool. anyone know when it gets released everywhere?
  6. It should be released to other boutiques around the world soon... I'm guessing in a month?
  7. monogram congo?? any pics?!?!
  8. Here's a pic of the three sizes:jammin: :
  9. From the pics the bag looks kinda bad, but I really am interested in seeing them in real life. The contrast between the monogram canvas and net seems a bit strange, but it might work, gotta see it in real life!
  10. Here is the smallest version(PS-The Aruba LV had the GM..It is GINORMOUS..LUGGAG[​IMG]E SIZED)Mine was 860 in ARuba.
  11. PS-The PM..My size is the same size approx as the sologne.It has a removable rubber lining inside..I adore it,My pics were taken on vacation and dont do it justice..LOL