Monogram Color ~ An imaginary new line..

  1. I was looking at my Monogram Perfo Pochette Cles this morning, and stopped to think why this piece was such a standout among all the Louis Vuitton I own - I realised it wasn't the perfo so much as the colour trim that made it so different. There's something about colour trim against the classic brown-on-brown Monoogram canvas that seems to give it a new life.

    Seasonal collection after season collection, aside from the now obligatory all-new interpretations of the LV Monogram, we also see new bags in the Monogram canvas, often reworked with new trim colours.
    So it got me thinking: Imagine the classic, iconic pieces that Vuitton is most known for, given a new lease on life with colour trim is place of the classic cowhide. Perhaps even with matching microfibre/Alcantara lining? (as with the Multicolore line).

    As I photoshopped these up, it reminded me of the Koala wallets I saw a while ago (Monogram canvas with coloured leather insides) and how fresh these, as well as the Perfo line looked after seeing nothing but beige and brown against the Monogram for the longest time.

    Personally, I'd love a Keepall with coloured trim, all my non LV-saavy friends point out how sporty/retro-cool my Perfo Pockette Cles' looks - and, to me, the idea makes to much sense. Not to mention that coloured/treated trim is less fragile than natural cowhide. I also thought, a lot of people like to hang charms, not to mention all the small Vuitton accessories with chain key holders attached (Porte-monnaie rond, astropill etc..) - classic monogram items hanging from colour-trimmed classics would look give them a whole new look.


  2. I can't see LV doing this any time soon... I can maybe see this happening if they had alligator trimmings? :shrugs:

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. umm i would vote nooooo. the keepall could be cute though.
  4. As I currently love anything pink!
    That pink speedy is super cute! xD
  5. Omg... pink alligator... yes, please.
  6. you know, i actually had the same thought. but more along the lines of the groom collection where there would be a color stripe across the speedy. but then its too much like the coach stripe bags.

    but i agree with the others in that it would have to be exotics.
  7. I second that notion! YUMMY! PINK GATOR OR CROC! Woo hoo!:tup::wtf:
  8. Hey, with regards to what caley was suggestion abt the color stripes, LV nxt year will offer painted color stripes (ur choice of color) on SPEEDY and KEEPALL with ur customized initials. If i remembered correctly this would only be avaliable to 12 stores in the world at the moment.
  9. ^^^^ I remember the SA showing us an Abbesses Messenger with a green and yellow stripe on the bottom right corner with 2 initials back in April.
  10. Yup, would look nice in Croc. Otherwise eek lol.
  11. i don't care for the colored handbags but i think the colored keepall would be a good idea since it's a travel bag & is tossed around a lot. & i'm a sucker for anything pink!
  12. The MC line would be nice with colored leather trim and handles too IMO! I love colorful bags!:yahoo:
  13. agreed! something like what theyve done to Marilyn! gorgeous'ness'~
  14. Ive never bought an MC (vachetta issue) but if they had it with colored handles and trim, I would buy everything they had!!!LOL:roflmfao:
  15. i adore pink so the speedy pink definitely has :tup::tup: from me!!! :smile:
    its supercute seriously!! i want 1!!!!