Monogram Cles

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  1. I am thinking about purchasing a Monogram Cles. Would love to hear how most of you use them. Do you attach keys? Attach keyfob? Tuck in the keychain part? Thanks:smile:

  2. I keep the remote for my car inside it with my drivers license , and the carkey hangs on the outside attached to the chain. Sometimes I also keep a creditcard and some coins inside it.
    I am also thinking about hanging it on my neverful gm as a bagcharm, and put my chapstick and earbuds inside it :smile:
  3. Thank you:smile:
  4. I attach to my keys and put credit cards, insurance card, drivers license and cash in mine. I use them every day!! Highly recommend!! I used the mono one for a year-year and a half before I bought the DA one. Now I finally ordered the empreinte to use in the same way. I do like the mono best so far :smile:
  5. i brought the empreinte cles to replace my 6 key holder but when i got it, i didn't have the heart to hook my keys onto it. So i brought the mono cles and love using it. Made it a lot easier, i don't have to juggle with the key case like before. i have my DL, a couple of cc and a fold up $20 for emergency inside. Thats all i carry during the week between school and running errands with my kids. I drop it a few times already and the canvas held up very well. One of the best SLGs IMO.
  6. I just fill mine up with a driver's license, debit/credit card, health care card, and clip to my car keys for the days that I'm not in the mood to carry an actual purse or wallet. I have the mono and DE versions, have used them both for the last couple of years, and can't recommend them enough.
  7. I have 5 different Cles'.

    Mono, DE, and DA which I switch out seasonally.

    Pomme which I used as a wallet inside my Eva

    Emp Noir which I know love best among all of them!

    I have used it as a wallet inside my Eva, and s small wallet in all my bags, actually! It fits so much! Lately I went back to carrying my Sarah and I am storing just my license, debit card, and emergency $20 in it but I LOVE that I can fit my keys inside of it and snap it shut! I personally don't like my keys dangling from my Cles so this one is perfect!!!!
  8. So weird! I just thought of this today! I love mine and have used it every single day since I got it 6 months ago! Such a lovely piece!! I've been using it for my point cards, debit card, drivers licence and receipts. Now I've gotten myself a wallet that I'm waiting for and now wondering what to use it for. I have a 6 ring key holder so I don't need it for keys. I also don't need it for business cards (yet) and so I've been thinking how to reuse it. I am going to keep my ear buds in it for now, and use it as a bag charm with them in it:smile: easy access! I might also use it just as a charm, or for hair ties and gum, and a lipgloss, oooor as a coin purse. Either way, I love this thing so much!!! A must in any LV Collection! Make sure to look on the underside when you buy it, that the flowers align. Some that I saw are waaay off! Symmetry baby!
  9. Love the mono cles. I use it for lipstick, balm, and pills. I tuck in the keychain portion inside. It's so compact. I use the 6-key holder for my house key and car fob which is more convenient to me.
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm thinking that the monogram cles will be my next purchase. I have the compact zippy wallet and the round coin purse so I love hearing what others are using the cles for!:smile:
  11. Sometimes I switch into it as a mini wallet. All my cards fit in there + attach my keys. Perfect for errands, or going compact. :smile:
  12. Before you buy this great piece. Be aware that the gold plating on the metal parts will chip off with regular use. If you don't mind, then get one! They are super cute!
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