Monogram Cite MM thoughts???

  1. I am also thinking of getting this bag? Any comments, thoughts, suggestions???
  2. im guessing nobody really like this style??? :shrugs:
  3. I think it's cute and it's a really good choice! I have the GM and it's a great bag :heart:
  4. Hmm, I actually kinda like it! But I'm still not madly in love with it (yet) so I won't be buying it
  5. does anyone have this bag? can you share some pics of yourself carrying it???
  6. I like it, but I think it looks in better proportion in the larger size...
  7. Lola24, do you have the biggier size?
  8. i like this bag too but in GM. i noticed that it is not common here.
  9. poutine, do you have this bag in the GM? does anyone have this bag wither MM or GM? can you post pics, i would really like to see how you guys look wearing it
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