Monogram canvas

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  1. ???? I have six monogram canvas bags...yikees..I say, "no more monogram canvas"..... then a bag I adore comes the veterans will I still love mono canvas down the road...I have had some for two years now and still think that it is great...I have had prada and gucci bags that are over two and not quite loving them as much as my mono you think monogram is so timeless that it never goes out of style and people use their pieces years later??? This time I mean more mono bags...six is a tad excessive don't you think....I just hope I did not waste my hard earned money...sometimes you look back and think...what was I thinking...greedy handbags
  2. I'm very much a fan of getting as much variety in my handbags as I can, but I definitely know what you mean by seeing a new bag that you don't think you need or you have one like already and just WANTING it so much that you get it :P. If you use them or even if just every time you look at them you smile and think you're so happy to have them then you didn't make a bad decision. And even if you don't like them as much anymore, you can always sell them :yes:
  3. I am kind of getting there myself...I have 2 mono bags and a damier...all very similar...but the different styles makes me want them all..even though essentially they are the same!!! If you love it, that's all that enjoy carrying them and looking at why not??????
  4. It might seem like a lot in your closet, but when you start wearing them, every one is so different. I know some of the "collection" pictures I see on this forum seem like all-monogram or all-damier or all-black-bags but then when they model each bag separately, it doesn't seem like too much, since they're all different.

    lol I hope I wasn't too rambling and I made a little sense, haha
  5. I think you can't ever have too much Monogram Canvas! It's a classic print, and it only goes UP in value, unlike other designer lines (think of all the price increases this year alone)! Whatever you wear, Monogram Canvas just works. If you ever need any Monogram Canvas inspiration, just take another look at Audrey Hepburn with her Speedy 25... made me get one right away!!
  6. ^^^^ITA !!! you obviously love the pattern.....never say never !!
  7. I've said this, too. The styles that I want always only come in Mono. I do need to vary my collection a bit. I have all Mono now.
  8. That's kindda the reason I love LV. I have prada and gucci too but after a few yrs, I get tired of them. I don't tire of LV mono!
  9. Monogram is such a classic - nothing wrong with having bags that you love. But I know how you feel- I think I am done with mono bags but I am fighting the urge to buy another bag in MC- I already have both colors.
    I did see your pic of your new bag and it's gorgeous!! Congrats
  10. I just wanted to add that it's not "too common" nowadays either compared to other LV. The other day, I was in Flushing, which is a Chinese neighborhood that has a zillion people shopping and eating. I got off the subway and walked 2 blocks. I was passed by 3 azur speedy 30's (2 of them were walking right behind the other), 1 azur saleya, 1 epi black speedy, 1 mini-lin speedy, 1 black neo cabby, 1 suhali lefab.

    I was super impressed and was like :nuts:, but I was suprised that there were no monogram at all.
  11. pug - you look fabulous with your mono bags. If you get bored of the pattern you always have the epi and your other bags.
    And you look fabulous with those too!
  12. Thanks everyone...I just do not want to have too much of a good thing...mono canvas is so classic you cannot really go wrong...

    thanks really rock your bags too....
  13. i wouldnt be worried about having a lot of monos. I but i do think you need to put you self on mono restriction for a little lol. Maybe try a diff pattern. But if you LVOE the mono but not the other ones. Just buy what you lvoe and what you'll use.
  14. I was just wondering the same thing. Monogram is classic. All of my bags have been
    Monogram. I do try to get LE in Monogram to change it up a bit.
    Maybe I'm getting bored and need to branch out a bit. LOL
  15. I agree with sxcruz22, just buy what you love and use! :smile: