Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 or Damier Speedy 30?

  1. I want one of these bags...I think, which one shall I get? :smile:
  2. BOTH.....hehe...I have them both and I LOVE them!!
  3. monogram is too bright for my taste.
  4. oh by the way...if you can only get one...I would get the mono 35 first. My fav LV bag that I have.
  5. Damier classy!
  6. I would go with damier speedy 30.
  7. Get the mono 35! here's a pic of mine :graucho:
    speedy 35.JPG
  8. I love the 25. I like the monogram in 35 best! I say get the monogram 35! I'm drooling over this now, lol!
    I guess it depends how big of a bag you want!
  9. I prefer the damier 30 ... because I don't have to worry about the handles.
  10. i would also go for the damier. I've got a damier 25 and I'm so in love with it!
  11. damier 30!
  12. 35 !!!
  13. Honestly, I love both and would get both. *HeHe* :p

    I would first get the Damier Speedy 30 and then save up for the Mono Speedy 35.
  14. I would get the mono 35 first, then the damier 30.
  15. 35 !!!!!!!!!!! I've the 40 and I love it to death !!!!!!!