Monogram Canvas Riveting bag

  1. this bag is totally cute..........any idea when it's coming out?? or how big it is??

    Monogram Canvas Riveting bag, about $1950
  2. I have no idea! But I saw that a couple of minutes ago in another thread, and I thought it was really cute! It looks like the big sister of the Sophie!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I like this better than the lambskin one!:drool:
    Wonder if it's a one shot or permanent?
  5. im sorry, but there's something not quite right about this Mono canvas version :s
  6. yeah it looks like a bad knock off...
    me like the white one better...
  7. Omg I LOVE that bag! It is VERY cute - ok now here's yet another thing I want. Ugh.
  8. I LIKE the bag A LOT but I dont like all the stitching on the canvas it self... but ehhh w/e I'll take it lol
  9. i love that bag!
  10. cute it!!
  11. Hmm...I kinda like it..I think the plaque seems bit crooked..
  12. Probably comes out March 1 or April 1...can't remember what the look book said....I can't decide if I like it...picture in the look book is really bad angle.
  13. Love it. I think it's much better in mono than lambskin.
  14. I was told they are teh next to come out 16th Feb
  15. it's growing on me!