monogram canvas pochette vs. lexington acessory pouch

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Which small LV should I get FIRST?!

  1. Monogram Pochette

  2. Lexington

  3. Neither (please make a recommendation when choosing this option)

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  1. I decided that I badly need a small LV for dinner/going out...i've been trying to make up my mind for weeks...:hysteric:

    which should i get FIRST

    1) Monogram Canvas Pochette w/ extender

    2) Lexington Accessory Pouch in a fairly neutral color (perle, beige, bronze or something like that)

    I want to own both eventually, I just can't decide which is more practical for now...thoughts? other recommendations?

    Thanks guys!
  2. BTW, i only own a mini lin speedy so far if that makes a difference in anyone's vote :smile:
  3. The Mono fits more..just be aware of that. The Lexington is dressier but the Mono one definitely fits it's more a question of what you need to carry :yes:
  4. I'd start with the mono- it's cheaper, roomier, and a good start to build a collection on. The Lex is beautiful, but pricey and a tad impractical (not to mention a little high maintenence)
  5. Monogram, it's more practical and less expensive.
  6. Also keep in mind that with the Lexington, the bronze and beige have been discontinued (the one pictured is Noisette), so you'd have to go the eBay route to get one.
  7. ITA with Rebecca...and the monogram canvas is get that first! You may worry a little about the Vernis and the Mono seems much more low maintenance to me. You can also wear the Mono casually but the Lexington may be a little too much *sometimes*...
  8. If practicality is what your going for, I vote the Mono! It is much more durable, fits a good amount more, not to mention much cheaper. I really like the lexington in perle and noisette but have not been able to bring myself to spend so much on a small purse.
  9. Definitely MONO!!!
  10. Mono hands down!
  11. i know what you mean, I can't bring myself to spend over 600 on a small purse, but i've been looking at let-trade, luxury-shops, etc. so if i decide to go with the lexington i plan on spending about 300-350 for a like new/VERY gently used one....

    i just don't know what's better, buying a new monogram or gently used lexington?
  12. start with mono its classic and it matches everything!
  13. thanks for all your votes guys
    i think the only thing discouraging me from mono is the fact that my cousin has had one since before i was even into LV (i'm not sure if it's real though) and I really don't want to hear "oh it's no longer in style" or "i've had it for years" or "you got it cuz i have it"

    and she is the type that would say something silly like that
  14. i like the lexington! I would get one in pearl or pomme!!! but if you're going for dinner you really need only the essentials...small wallet, cell, compact, lipstick, keys...I'm sure those will fit in the lex.

    I'm thinking black-tie/super dressy dinner parties here....
  15. If you're gonna go for mono, why not get cerises!!! It's mono with a lil sha-zam!!! it's still dressy...and the lil cherry is cute! would be great with a red dress :yes: