Monogram canvas or Vernis wallet HELP!

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  1. Im looking at getting a new LV wallet but can not decide between vernis leather classic monogram print.

    Let me know if you own both and the pros and cons between both!

    I'm looking at an Emilie wallet in monogram canvas with red inside, or a red vernix Sarah wallet
  2. I have the Emilie in Monogram/red, a ZCP in Damier Ebene, ZCP in Epi Coral and a new Clemence in Monogram/Fuchsia. Those materials are very durable and I don't have to baby them. Vernis is very delicate to color transfer, but if you don't mind, it surely is very pretty.
    I want to tell you, that the card slots of my Emile got stretched out. They are not flat any longer. My SA told me, this is normal for canvas wallets. It didn't happen with the leather card slots in my other wallets!
  3. I would argue that vernis isn't as delicate as many make it out to be. Yes, be careful with your lighter colors, but I have three vernis zippy wallets and they have withstood the test of time. My Pomme is over 4 years old and I've never babied it and it still looks amazing.
  4. All the canvas pieces will be more durable. I personally don't own any vernis pieces, which I think are beautiful! I just prefer the mono canvas on all my pieces. I do love my Emily wallet a lot though!
  5. Mono and Vernis both wear like iron! I've had both and have been really happy with both. Vernis is not fussy unless you get a light color. I've had a Pomme Sarah for 8 years and it looks terrific! Get what you love more. You can almost buy two Emile wallets for the price of the Sarah in Vernis so take that into consideration!
  6. +1. I can say the same regarding my Zippy Coin Purse in Amarante Vernis. It's gorgeous, so special and fun to use and pull out of my bag and it looks as beautiful as day 1. I don't even find fingerprints to be an issue. I'd choose Vernis over monogram canvas for sure. My full size LV wallet is Empreinte Leather and I love it too.