Monogram Canvas or Monogram Multicolore!?!

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  1. So I thought I knew exactly what LV accessory I was going to purchase to begin my collection (Multicolore pochette MM in black), but the more I looked at it I began to wonder if I really liked it. Also, I've been hearing that over time the multicolore rubs off which makes me nervous! So my question is, what do you guys think is the better pattern that can be used the most? Any ideas on a good accessory to start off with? Thanks!! :yahoo:
  2. well both are timeless. monogram canvas will probably have more longevity because multicolore needs a little bit more attention and care. I just got the mc wapity and i love it!!! so i suggest that or a monogram cles.
  3. Maybe a mono pochette or cles?
  4. The one that can be used the most and is most durable- Monogram Canvas hands down. With Monogram Multicolore items, you have to be careful with them so the silk screened LV's and fleurs won't chip or come into contact with a rough surface.
  5. As meeeks suggested the wapity is cute and can be used as a wristlet or within another bag. The MC pochette is also super cute but I find it hard to fit things in as opposed to the regular monogram pochette of the same size because it softens a bit with time and has no lining.

    If you're not abolutely in love with the Multicolore pochette I would say to hold off because $600+ is a lot of money to spend to not be happy with your purchase!

    Good luck and enjoy your first LV!!
  6. Why not save the $$$ so you can get a speedy?
  7. I purchased a multicolour small ring agenda in black three years ago. I use it constantly, and just the other day I checked it thoroughly for any chipping or rubbing off of the M.C. design, and it is absolutely perfect.!!!

    If you like it, I say, go with it!!

    Good Luck
  8. A monogram Speedy is undestructable. I have used it for about ten years and put everything in there you can ever imagine. Then I didn't use it for quite a while and now my mother uses it...
    Regina ;)
  9. ^^^ Great idea!
  10. Mono it is a classic and less $$$$
  11. Monogram canvas gets my vote! :yes:
  12. Mono canvas for me as well!!
  13. Mono is very durable as many people have already said, but if you adore the MC it isn't so delicate that you cannot use it for many years to come, you just need to be a little more careful. I think if you really want MC than you should go for it, most people are pretty careful with their LV anyway so you should be fine IMO.
  14. i love multicolore! a very functional accessory is the wapity. it fits a lot! in terms of versatility, monogram definitely gets the crown.
  15. I don't really like monogram canvas. I don't know why so I vote for MC :smile: