Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM..question

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  1. would the Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM be too small on someone who is 5'2" 95 lbs? and can it hold a lot of stuff in it?
  2. I don't think it's too small for your size. I'm 5'1 and 93 lbs and I have the PM. You might want to consider the MM size though, it holds much more. I guess it just depends on what you carry around.
  3. I have the PM and im 5'2 110lbs, and now i regret getting it, its too small for me, other bags include speedy 30, priscilla, etc. I just think its too small for me and am considering selling it to move up to a MM or GM. I wonder what i was thinking when i bought it 1 yr ago!?!?
  4. I like big bags and I think the MM is okay if the side straps are let out, but if you want a bigger bag than that you should go with the GM.
  5. That's pretty much my size, and I am considering the PM too. If you get a chance to try it on, let me know how it looks, please! :smile:
  6. when i went to purchase my neverfull, my choice is pm like you.
    i am petite.
    childlike as they say.
    but my fave LV botique s.a. told me to get an mm.
    she said the reason why they made mm is to get you in the middle.
    w/ mm it looks nice even if you carry few things.
    it's adjustable to stuff a lot of sruff as well.
    i tell you,get mm. it will adjust with your lifestyle.
    mm is the greatest size to choose!
  7. MM perfect size for your size! Yup....go with MM for sure!:yes:
  8. PM is very cute and will fit a lot, and a great night/running errands bag..but if you want an everyday bag go for the MM. I have one and love it!
  9. Personally, I think the PM is small, but it depends on what you want to carry in it.
  10. i think that PM is small too. i have the PM but feel like selling it. i already got the damier NF MM and rose NF MM. MM suits me more. :tup:
  11. Go try it out in the store : )