Monogram canvas makeup case- Help me choose!

  1. Alright, so it's not a huge investment, but thanks to my indecisive nature, I can't choose!

    Which would make a better/nicer makeup case?
    The mini pochette accessoire, or the Poche Toilette 15?

    Both are the perfect size, and will hold all I need, AND they are the same price.

    What to do? I keep on see-sawing between the two!
    i.e. the pochette has the lovely gold hardware, but the poche toilette has the nicest softest lining ever!!

    It also doesn't help that I also saw the the poche accessoire in the Damier Azur, TDF! yikes!

    Help me choose! (or any other ideas?)

    (pics from eluxury, they don't have the poche toilette 15, so i've used the 19 as reference for look)
    LV mini pochette acessoires.jpg Poche Toilette.jpg
  2. I would go for the Poche Toilette 15.
  3. I like the mini. The chain can be attached to jeans if you're feeling low-maintenance.
  4. I say the pochette better if you want to use for other than a make up bag - you can take it out in the evening. The Toilette is not as versatile, hate to see it carried it really is a toiletries bag IMHO!
  5. I like the Poche Toilette 15.
  6. ha ha..thanks to everyone so far! BagAngel you made me laugh outloud with the comment about carrying out the toiletries bag! can you imagine?

    i was thinking the same thing also about the mini, that i can use it for something other than makeup. but truthfully, it's not like i'd use it and put money in it etc. if i plan on keeping makeup...dilemma, dilemma

  7. ^:yes: :yes:
  8. I say mini pochette accessoire! The Poche Toilette 15 is (imo) too structured and 'sharp' for a makeup case. The shape of the mini pochette is really feminine and the gold chain makes it extra pretty. Shiny things always win me over :p And if you need to pull either one out of your bag in public, the mini pochette doesn't scream 'toiletries'. Get it in azur :heart:
  9. the poche toilette 15.
  10. I have one that I LOVE and it fits quite a bit of make-up. It's the Pouchette Cosmetique.

  11. It its for makeup i will vote for the toilette...
  12. I love the Monogram Poche Toilette 15 with the washable lining as the makeup bag over the the Accessories Pochette which is a cute versatile pouch.


  13. toilette 15 - looks like a make-up bag. the pochette looks like a tiny purse to me.
  14. I have this too (and the mini pochette) and love it! Either this one or the mini pochette.