Monogram canvas Lovers, check this out!!! Speedy Pic!

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  1. Hi,

    I found this picture while searching the web. I think it is awesome! I want to get this done to my keepall and other soft sided luggage pieces. What do all my fellow monogram lovers think????:nuts:

    Does anyone know if LV does it for free like heat stamping or do they charge. All the times I asked them, they told me they never stripped soft luggage. Now I have evidence so I will try to get my keepall done!
    speedy color.jpg
  2. They do charge for it since the piece has to be sent out and someone has to hand paint it. I'm not sure of the exact pricing though. One member, Michelle, was going to look into getting something painted on her keepall as well.
    I think it looks cute but for some weird reason, I could never have it done lol.
  3. That looks cool...I would want to do that for my keepall...
  4. It's cool but I change my mind so much that I might regret it! I do like it that Goyard does the same thing for free. =)
  5. i always wanted stripes on my Keepall. but what's stopping me - besides the loooong wait - unless they're screen printing them on now, is that hand-applied paint might not last long on soft pliable material.
  6. AFAIK goyard does charge for painting things on their bags :wtf:
  7. hmmm, just not liking it...:shrugs:
  8. The idea of paint on my Speedy horrifies me. :crybaby:
  9. It's free, they don't charge for it when you buy the bag and ask for the paint the same day.
  10. How very Goyard, but I prefer this to be done on a Goyard rather than on a Louis !