Monogram canvas leather handles turning darker over time...

  1. I noticed that the leather handles on my monogram LV bags turn darker over time to a nice brown, but it will eventually turn black brown as I see on some of the bags carried by other people. Wondering if you girls will still carry these bags with the black brown leather handles? Can the handles be replaced?:hrmm:
  2. The handles can be replaced. On a mono speedy, for example, replacing the vachetta (the leather of the handles) costs about $300 if you take the bag into LV; they will replace the handles and the piping, so your vachetta all matches.

    I know I probably won't carry mine when the handles get that dark; I'll probably get them replaced. I love the honey patina I've got on my bags right now, though; I'm not a fan of the pure white vachetta leather handles that come new from the boutique.
  3. I love the patina.