Monogram canvas is my fav...followed by suhali (but too$$$) so Daimer would be my pic

  1. Anyone else love monogram canvas the best????
  2. not me..
  3. Well, to be fair, I think I need to own a damier piece first, and then I'll get back to you. Hopefull ythat will be soon! :graucho: I do love the monogram---timeless and goes with everything.
  4. I find mono canvas the most useful. All my throw around every day bags are mono canvas. I think it looks fabulous with jeans and black (two of the main colors in my wardrobe:upsidedown:). May I suggest that if you LOVE suhali that much, instead of getting 4 - 5 bags that are just so-so, save that money and get one or two WOW bags!!! And USE USE USE them!!!:yes:
  5. nope..
  6. no.
  7. I agree with Irene. Also the Suhali is a very resistant leather, treated to last for ever.

  8. great point Irene...I have 2LV mono canvas and I love them soo much...I am tanning my LH because I do not want to wreck the vachette...definitely not a throw around bag for the suhali lockit but it double the price of the mono lockit so I will be content with the mono lockit...with me I need a kick around bag and I baby my mono canvas because of the vachette so eventuallly I think that I would like the papillion 30...just a thought and not right now but, someday soon I hope...2k for one bag would be insane for me...the lockit h at just over 1k was the top of my limit and I sooo love that bag...just do not want another bag I have to be cautious with...winter is coming and all the rain are making me think I need a daimer....soon
  9. monogram isn't my favorite. but i like all of them - damier, mono, epi, and suhali.
  10. I own monogram items but it's no longer my fave though because of some of the negativity that has been brought to me personally. However I still use it and would never dream of selling my babies.

    My fave would be suhali (I would love to own something in it one day, eg. L'Affriolant in Plum :love: ) & followed by Epi (:heart: )
  11. my first was monogram and although i love it, i'm now more drawn to vernis. I did see the saleya and cles in damier and really liked it too. I used to like epi the best...but not so much anymore. It's hard to say which line i like best b/c i jump back and forth.
  12. i love mono. it's very classic. that's not to say i don't like the others, though...
  13. I love mono!!!
  14. I agree. It's the most useful and the LV line I'd be least afraid to take out.
  15. I love the look of the mono!