Monogram Canvas French Purse or Damier Azur?

  1. Heyyy all,

    I know this type of question appears so often in this forum but I really want to ask this since I'm having a hard time deciding! I know for sure I want the french purse but I can't decide between the Monogram Canvas and the Damier Azur. They both have 8 cc slots so basically it's just the pattern outside.

    The MC is very classy...but the Damier Azur is so pretty! Help!!
  2. definitely the azur :yes:

    PS: even if you're not all that interested in MC, I'd like to just point out that the MC FP only has 4 CC slots, not 8 like the other 2 ;)
  3. I had the same dilemma couple month ago and decided to go with the Azur. It's just too pretty!
  4. Azur!
  5. AZUR....I'm not a fan of monogram canvas and I think with the French purse style will look more good in Azur.
  6. Thanks! I called the LV on Bloor St. in Toronto and the girl told me that the MC, both Damiers and the Epi in Invory colour all come in the 8 cc slot now. But I don't think they have the Azur FP in stock right now :sad:
  7. I'd get the Damier Azur.
  8. Do you think the white part of the Azur pattern would get dirty easily?? I don't really know how resistant that leather is to dirt.
  9. I like the monogram.
  10. I prefer the mono but azur is gorgeous too.
  11. Yah the Azur FP is sold out in all of Canada so I can't even go to a store to compare the 2!
  12. Azur FP! Don't worry there will be more coming soon!
  13. Azur :love:
  14. I stopped by the LV store during lunch because I work really close to it..checked out the MC french purse. Looked great! They didn't have the Azur in stock.

    I also took at look at the MC speedy 25 and OMG I LOVE IT! I didn't have time to take a look at the Azur speedy but I really want a speedy now!
  15. I prefer the Azur!