Monogram Canvas colour variations

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  1. Hi Lovelies! I'm on the search for some pre loved Louie on eBay & i've noticed some colour variations in the classic Monogram Canvas. Is there any variations between the years in the colour of the mono?

    This monogram canvas print looks darker/orange

    This one is more lighter and golden

    Is monogram canvas pre 2000 made of a thicker canvas and therefore varies in colour?
  2. all canvases vary somewhat in color, and it gets darker as it is used. it doesn't really have to do with thickness.
  3. There are slight colour variations between canvas batches and as long as it's within a specific range then it's approved for use. It's perfectly normal even though some pieces might seem to be quite a bit darker or lighter than others.
  4. Thanks lovelies! I was searching through Youtube & looking at what people have bought pre loved and all the mono prints seem to vary with use & age.

    I also compared my neverfull mm & speedy 30 and they do vary as well (both bought instore) though my speedy is trashed.

    I've just been looking on eBay for my first pre loved Louie & it's so overwhelming but so addictive! My heart was racing when I was bidding on a Montsouris GM ( i got outbid) but that was so much fun :lol: