Monogram (Brown) Pastilles in stores!


la vie en rose
Sep 10, 2006
I just found out from 866 that this item is in SOME stores now, in limited quantities, as of yesterday:


It's not in my local store, but she directed me to the Atlanta, GA store, and I mail ordered one! I love my multicolored one so much, I think I will love this one too. I will use it as a bracelet and as a bag charm on my Coussin and my future (next week) Speedy!
Call and get one now bc they told me there are not many out yet (about 5 per store) and many stores won't get them before xmas. Yes I ordered from 866, and they transfer you to a store that has them in stock. It's $375 (same as MC version) +tax (?), shipping ($10 for ground)