Monogram Bronze Series

  1. Where can you get this?
  2. I doubt you'd be able to now it was released a last year and pretty limited in numbers but call your helpline they should be able to check stock levels and tell you if there any left, if not your options are resellers and eBay but make sure to have it authenticated first
  3. those bags were so cool, they reminded me of spartan type outfits, they looked like they were metal but of course they weren't.

    very cute, good luck finding them ;)
  4. Such a gorgeous collection, but I have no idea where you can find these bags.

    eBay may be your best option, IMO.

    Good Luck!
  5. They look fantastic! Best of luck in your search.
  6. very nice and differnt.. is it old collection? :confused1:
  7. Let-trade had one about a month ago, so in addition to the places others have listed also keep checking let-trade's website. Good Luck!
  8. Thanks all,
    I just found out this series today at Vuitton web side – Chinese version.
    Maybe they are still available oversea?
    let-trade's is a web retail site?
  9. Call 866 and see if there's any around....otherwise try eBay and let-trade. Good luck!! They're cool bags!
  10. I believe she has her own website and an ebay id.

    Keep her in your favorites I've only heard good things about her! Always authentic and super nice. :tup:

    ETA: I have heard some complaints about mothballs though. So ask first!
  11. I saw this at my local LV a few months back and it's a very unique bag. Yes, call the toll free number and see if they can locate one for you.
  12. My local store at Plaza Senayan still has it.