Monogram BRONZE SERGENT survives -44C/-47F temperatures! Ya gotta love LV! lol

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  1. It has been a wee bit chilly in my parts the past few weeks. It actually registered
    -44C/-47F on my car's temperature gauge one morning. :wtf:

    But Monogram Bronze Sergent rose to the task and braved the cold without any complaining, moaning or groaning. :p A trooper! :boxing:

    Bag did fine... I froze my butt off! :lol:

    Just a few pics in the hopes that I can entice other owners of this line to post their pics in the Clubhouse. :graucho: I'm all alone in there. :girlsigh:


  2. wow, very nice! Congrats!

    Yikes, that's awfully cold! Hopefully it'll warm up soon!
  3. Love it!! It's gorgeous and so unique!!
  4. That is so cute.:nuts: Love the colour and it looks durable enough to cope with the weather too.:tup: Congrats.
  5. you look gorgeous, Addy - so classy!
    ... and the bag's not bad either. ;) [BEAUTIFUL bag!]
  6. LOVE IT !!! It looks great on you congrats !!! and your outfit is VERY Classy, you look amazing !
  7. ITS TO DIE FOR...:heart::drool:
  8. Nice bag...does it come in other colors? How much is it? Me Like !!!
  9. Never saw that bag before..what a beauty. Ouch that ids too cold for me
  10. Stunning modeling pics! Brrr, glad you both were able to survive the Arctic blast and still look amazingly stylish!
  11. bbrrr I got a chill just thinking about that cold
  12. Damn, that's cold. Where are you?
    Glad to see an LV truck through the cold temps.
  13. Addy!!!! That bag is just fantastic!!! I love it! Where in the world do you live?? That is COLD!!!!
  14. Never knew you look this HOTTT:graucho: LOVE it!:tup:
  15. OMG Addy you're so thin!!! I'm so jealous!!!!

    The bag looks GREAT on you btw. I wasn't too much of a fan of this bag, but after seeing it on you, I love it now!!! :drool: