Monogram Bosophore

  1. Has anyone ever used this as a baby bag? Just wondering if it is wide enough for bottles and diapers and stuff.
  2. The Sac Bosphore or the backpack?

    If you're talking about the Sac Bosphore, I've seen it quite a few times and I've played around with it's not very large so I don't think it's ideal as a baby bag.

    If you're talking about the backpack, well...I guess it really is a backpack so it should be okay!

    Otherwise, I'm not sure...I know the messengers are not large enough, neither is the pochette bosphore...and now I cannot think of any more Bosphores.
  3. Well said Karman (ps the only other bosphore is the trolley but unless your baby is some sort of large animal i wouldn't consider it either)
  4. That would be nuts! :nuts: Oh my...can you imagine what size the baby is if I needed a SUITCASE to carry all the stuff for him/her?!
  5. I think it is a pretty good size. It depends how much you carry around. I usually just put in the essentials for my toddler.
  6. I should have stated the Messenger Bosphore. How would that work with diapers and bottles and stuff? Anyone ever used that one as a diaper bag?
  7. What about the mono lin diaper bag?
  8. I don't think its feasible to use a messenger bag as a diaper bag as it tends to get a little painful on your shoulders after a while unless you are just putting in diapers!?

    I find that the mini lin diaper bag is a great versatile diaper bag! can be used as a messenger bag or shoulder bag and comes with a baby blanket!