Monogram Beverly GM

  1. Hello. I was recently in the LV store and took a liking to this bag. The store was
    out of it after the holidays. Do any of you have modeling pictures of this bag? Also, do you think it is meant to be carried in the crook of the arm or on the shoulder?
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!! I hope you are able to get it soon. It seems like LV sold out a lot of bags for Christmas
  3. I really like the Beverly GM and is contemplating getting it soon (since I am waitlisted for Tivoli GM :crybaby:)
    I tried it on in the store, it is a really roomy bag! Tried doing a search, but only pics of the clutch and MM came up.

    Would love to see some modeling pics too :tup:
  4. I love the Beverly MM bag. The GM seemed a little large and very structured. Any modeling pics?????

  5. i think this is a pretty bag. i've only seen the mm in real life, but i liked one, too!
  6. i have one and i must say it's beautiful and i like it better than the mm size only because it isn't as common. i wear it both ways, but it seems to fall off my shoulder at times. i posted a picture in the beverly club. hope this helps.
  7. I prefer the MM, but the GM is gorgeous too and roomy! Just a little too big and structured for me. Post pics when you get it!