Monogram Bequia Porte Document Vertical

  1. Hi guys,

    I went through the Fall Winter 2007/2008 The Summary thread and found that the Monogram Bequia Porte Document Vertical was released on 15th Sept 07? Is this going to be a permanent line or it is a Limited Edition collection?

    The LV shop in SG told me that it is a limited edition and there's only 1 piece in the shop and it is a DISPLAY pc! I will and shall not get a display piece. Any idea that more stock will be available and released when?
  2. I am not sure, but I have never heard of a display piece not being for sale. It is new, so I wouldn't mind a display!
  3. go for it please, it's very limited and has been sold out all in Hong Kong stores.
  4. I would go for the display, especialy if it looks fine. But I know what you mean - the LV boutique here has a few pieces that are "for display only'' and not offered for sale. I don't understand why they would do that for a limited edition though.
  5. as i understand it, this bag is a seasonal bag for Fall/Winter 2007/08 collection.

    my boutique here in Beijing also only has one bag per style...
  6. I would purchase the display item as it may be your only option in securing this item .... my store only received one of these in store too:yes:
  7. This line is released in a one time only small batch. The only way you'll be able to get it from your store is most likely to buy that display piece.
  8. I would just grab that one before it's too late. If you still have doubts, just carefully examine the bag before you purchase it. ;)
  9. I would get the display.
  10. They may not sell the display piece tho

  11. ^^^^^

    i'm with John !!:tup:
  12. Oh my god you guys are making me so anxious! Now im regretting not getting it that night despite my mom telling me the display piece looks alright!
  13. SG as in singapore? i actually called them up last thursday and they told me it got sold out already! i am not sure though if they still have that display piece. if i were you, i would insist on the display piece IF they won't sell it. i have been looking for one since and all i get are sold out!

    i prefer the anthracite and stocks locally here is in bordeaux, the anthracite is sold out!!!

    good luck!
  14. Its so weird! Why do different LV store says thing different. One of the store manager told me that can't sell display set especially those that are outside the window displays and some can actually sell display sets that are within the store?

    Have anyone bought anything off the display window?
  15. I actually tried it on in early sept (if i remember correctly) at the Taka boutique. It was the burgundy one. And the SA also told me it just came in and its the only piece then and its in-store display.
    The shape didn't work for me so i didn't get it. Maybe i'll prefer the Geant shape, it looks good in the ad.
    Maybe you can check with the Hilton and DFS branch also.