Monogram Bequia Porte Document Geant...

  1. Some of u might have read my other thread but here it is ... I love the bag.. I thought of keeping it to myself instead of giving it to my DBF as present..:p
    My DBF loves it too and think of getting it in Black as well... (In that case .. I can take this from him ... ):roflmfao:

  2. It's beautiful.
  3. OMG! It's gorgeous! I'd say definitely keep it! he he
  4. Wow that's nice. Congrats to your bf!
  5. That is very nice. I hope bf knows how lucky he is.
  6. wow simply gorgeous!
  7. WOW !!!
    I can't believe these are out already !!
    They are not due for release here in the states until September....
    I guess that's an advantage being in Asia, you guys get all the goods 1st !!
    Congrats, it's stunning....I would keep it for myself too !!!!!!!!

    p.s. I wonder if that is the same "bordeaux" color that will be on the Mirage.....???
  8. WOW, nice!!Congrats, you are the first person who manage to get the bags in the whole forum. BTW, i notice the hardware on the the bag are exactly same as last season mens bag collection, eg the zipper, gold plate...etc.
  9. Oh wow its gorgeous!! Congrats! I want this in the vertical version!
  10. WOW ... thanks for sharing photos ... I have waitlisted for the PDV of this bag ... can't wait until it arrives as it is STUNNING:heart:
  11. Gorgeous. :heart:
  12. Its v pretty! It will be great for work!
  13. Travelbliss.. yes u are right it is the same bordeaux color just that there is more shine in the mirage line ( Kind of like a patent finish)

    The PDV version is nice but a little bit big in my opinion ... I am waitlisted for the black one in Geant as well ( schdule to release with the Mirages.. it is going to be one big day for me ).. My SA told me that there are going to be less in production than the other LE mens bag in the previous years.. !

    And... I was able to carry this on my shoulder so I think is a plus !!
  14. That is a beautiful, beautiful bag. Congrats!!!
  15. Cuuute.. you should think about getting another one then ! :graucho: