monogram bag that can go from daytime to nighttime

  1. i just bought my papillon 30 last september for my bday. i was thinking of buying something for myself this coming thanksgiving/christmas season.. im thinking of buying something that i could use both in am and PM but im also considering buying a pochette... help i cant decide!
  2. I think a pochette is a great choice! It is great for many uses!
  3. My suggestions:

    -Mini Looping
    -Pochette Cite
    -Pochette Ipanema
  4. how about the Recital? its way cuter and less common than a Pochette.
  5. Sonatine :heart: if you dont' carry much, Manhattan PM if you need space :yes:
  6. monogram trotteur, it's a classic
  7. The pochette is a little fragile compared to many of the other small bags as it's not supposed to be a carry around bag. That's why the leather strap is so small and thin. I'd go for any of the other similar bags suggested above. =) Or a sunset boulevard.
  8. ^^ ITA with deluxeduck. I used to have a Recital, and it was fantastic for day to night.
  9. ^^I agree. However, the Manhattan PM holds quite a bit...

    Of all my classica monogram bags, this one is truly day to night!!
  10. What about a Sonatine? Those are really nice, and you dont see a lot of people with them.
  11. Monogram pochette or Epi pochette!
  12. Beverly clutch or pochette accesories. these are the two bags i use for evenings out
  13. Love the Beverly PM
  14. Def. the pochette, its so cute!
  15. i've always thought that the Manhattan PM is a good day-to-evening bag. it can hold a lot, and it can be dressed up or down