Monogram and Slate Taiga go together for BF?

  1. Just wanted to know your opinions on the slate/black Taiga leather going with the Monogram or Damier Canvas...

    I bought my bf a few things in Taiga before and he likes them, but I want to get him something different. I was thinking a new wallet in Damier or Monogram, do you think either of those go with the black Taiga?

    Let me know, I am thinking for V-day!:love:
  2. of course! why wouldn;'t they? and the taiga is so beautiful! esp with men!
  3. well, brown and black isn't a naturally good color combo, except for LV that is. May be something in Epi if you want to play safe, but I'd go w/Damier if you want to branch out other lines.
  4. i think us guys shouldn't go too matchy-matchy. neither should women actually. jmho.
  5. I think Daimer accessories for men look much nicer that Mono.
  6. I think black is great with Damier because the basecoat is black, when you look close you can see a bit black!!!