Monogram and Black EPI...Taiga???

  1. I am thinking of purchasing the black EPI Alma... Will my monogram small leather goods still go with the black EPI, or will I have to start a whole new collection? Does anyone else use Monogram and black EPI together? :confused1:

    I like some of the long Taiga wallets, but they are only for men :crybaby:
    Would or do any of you other ladies use Taiga items? I just love the black Taiga, I am jellous of my BF's taiga items I bought him... some of the mens bags aren't bad either, they are good for small bags... :sweatdrop:

    What do you think???... Opinions PLEASE! :yes:
  2. i honestly don't see anything wrong with mixing different LV lines together... i'd rather have a well-balanced mix than have it all matching. that's another good thing about Epi and Taiga - it breaks up all the Mono madness with solid colours. go for it!
  3. I don't do the matchy matchy thing when it comes to LV bags and accessories. I have a black epi alma and I throw in my Gucci guccissima wallet, my Coach cell phone case, along with my monogram coin purse. I probably clash but hey... I love it!! :jammin: Carry whatever you want. Mono goes with everything in my opinion.
  4. I like look of monogram and black taiga or epi together! For example I'm carying black damier heant together with damier or monogram small leather goods and it looks fine.
  5. I don't really like black and mono together, and taiga is a little to masculine for me...but black mc, or any color epi or vernis would be fab!