Monogram Ambre PM

  1. Does anyone know what the original retail price for the Monogram Ambre PM was??

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. I was wondering that myself :smile:
  3. i think it was $1100
  4. I remember it being around the mid $1200s. Can't remember the exact price though, sorry!
  5. Thanks guys... I have new...for sale..gotta find the receipt...cant remember what I paid!
  6. When/ why did they discontinue that line?
  7. please post a picture.
  8. You can find pictures of the Ambre Cabas PM Jill is selling in the Sale Section. Check it out here.
  9. i remember it being 1600 or was it a different size?
  10. That's a beautiful line. I wish they didn't discontinue it!
  11. The retail was approx. $1220.00
  12. I bought mine last summer and I thought it was a lot but then when I look at the tortoise chain straps it's all worth it.
  13. ok-Who wants to buy it!!??? Jill needs an Edith way more!!!hee!hee!
  14. they started off at 9 something