Monogram Alma or Speedy, Looking for a kick around beatup bag.

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  1. I see a few ebay sellers have a few abused bags, i'm looking at a speedy or alma, I'm looking for something that is CLEAN inside but that I can just be careless with. which would you pick... Speedy or Alma
    Thinking that with the price is right I can even afford to spend 300$ and have the handles replaced and its going to be cheaper then a new bag(if that is what I want in the future)

    I know that baby wipes clean bags up a great deal....
  2. I'd say speedy, it's an all around more casual bag. The alma on teh otherhand, has a more refined shape, kind of a waste to knock it around
  3. I would go with a speedy bec. it doesn't have vachetta on the bottom and speedies look good w/ life in them so a knock around speedy seems like a good idea. I'm guessing if it's a knock around you may not want to be mindful of every place you set it down and a vachetta bottom alma will show the effects of that. Speedies go for dirt cheap, like $300 for a decent one, especially this time of year on ebay. I also think speedies are lighter weight than almas, although I only have the mc alma, haven't held a regular mono one but man my mc alma is heavy.
  4. I'm thinking of buying a used bag, so the bottom isnt an issue.
  5. Speedy, you can be less careful with.
  6. Good point on the weight.. never thought about it. I had a Mc alma found it light compared to the mc speedy but to a monogram one could be another story:smile:
  7. speedy or noe
  8. Had a noe dont care for it. thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. i say speedy over alma, its much more casual/knock around
  10. I think a speedy would suit your needs better. Less vachetta, lighter weight and it already has a casual style.
  11. I would go with a speedy. BTW, last I checked, it cost about $200 just to change the handles on a speedy. My mono speedy 30's handles have become yucky after a couple of years' use and I was going to change the handles until I heard the price. For that price, I may as well throw a couple hundred dollars more in and get an entire brand new bag!
  12. Definitely the Speedy. It is more comfortable to hold and it makes a perfect everyday bag. Its flexibility makes it more convenient, unlike the stiff Alma.
  13. The Speedy - when they are old and loved they still love great. The alma tends to look "dirty" IMO when it is used to much. Plus I think the speedy is more comfortable to carry and holds more than the Alma.
  14. I love the alma but I've always considered the speedy to be way more casual, so I say go with that.
  15. I would go with the speedy.. It is a great everyday bag that you can dress up or down and is comfy to carry!