Monogram Alignment on my French Purse

  1. I bought this off E-bay very recently and I just noticed that the placement of the Monogram Canvas is not "straight" at the top. Is this normal?? :confused1::sad:


    I will post more pics in a while bcos I LOVE the wallet. But can anyone help me... Are all LV wallets supposed to be PERFECT or do they also have some flaws? Bcos the flap that snaps close on the wallet is a tiny bit crooked lol. Mayb im just a perfectionist. Also, on ELuxury and, the pictures of the French Purse show that the monogram placement is just a tiny bit lower than the one I have. PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks :smile::sweatdrop:
  2. Anyone ? :sad:
  3. Are you sure the item is authentic?
  4. sorry to burst your buble but that wallet looks fake to me
  5. sococalifornia ,,, PLEASE can u confirm if it is fake or not????? I bought it on E-bay and the auction said AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON FRENCH PURSE MONOGRAM CANVAS WALLET .. So it should be authentic ??

    Is there any way to get a refund from E-bay if it is a fake ????

  6. sorry. bum post.
  7. the only way is to post it in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread. just because something is posted as "AUTHENTIC" on eBay you should never trust it and ALWAYS get a second, or third, or lots more opinions.
  8. I have more pics and I will post it in that AUTHENTICATE THREAD right now.. Thanks so much for your advice ! I appreciate it..

    But what do u mean by "the female part of the snap"?
  9. It's a nicer way to say the hole on the actual cover of the wallet, not the pointier piece on the flap. ;)
  10. Oh okay lol Thanks!
  11. ^^lol rebecca!