Monogram agenda, anyone?

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  1. I'm going to start my new master degree. I need to get a new agenda to sort out my busy schedule. What could be better than combining style with function like buying new LV agenda. The thing is, i need recommendation from all the LV expert about the size and model.I prefer monogram since it's classic. Please help support my study with style please.:yes:
  2. I love the koala agenda with pink (rose) interior but not sure if it's too small to be practical...
  3. i would go for a medium agenda, the small will be too small
  4. Ditto ! The small is good for writing down numbers and stuff, but the medium is much more practical !
  5. Oh, I just wish they make the koala agenda in medium size too, that will be perfect..! The koala closure is just too cute..! :love:
  6. me too. Get a damier one, it's more business look I believe!:yes:
  7. I tend to agree with Ayla, the medium would be best. the small is more a personal agenda for someone that doeesnt have to write too much.
    here are some great threads on this topic, hope you find what you're looking for.
    Here are a few idea's
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I always wanted to get one of these but I know I won't have any use for it as I use my smartphone's agenda.
    While a manual agenda is great, I like the extra features an electronic gives you such as alarm reminders and such. I have a software in mine that organizes my assignments and calculates my GPA as I update it with my grades. And as it's infiltrated with my phone, I never forget it at home ;)
  9. Thanks everyone for all the advice I personally like the medium size too. Bear with my ignorance, what is koala agenda? Anyone has pics?
  10. Medium agenda all the way!
  11. sorry to butt in, but does anyone know what the inside of the small agenda looks like?

    I just need one to throw in my purse to keep my personal appts more organized.

  12. [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Damier Koala Agenda PM
    [​IMG][​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Canvas Koala Agenda PM
  13. Go for the medium agenda. I personally love it in epi leather. In mandarin or red :biggrin:
  14. I have the medium mono. LOVE it! The small is just wayyyyyyy too small for my needs. Large was wayyyyyyy too big to fit nicely in my bags. Medium is just right. Sorry for sounding Goldilocks-ish.